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The Author of This Letter and...

A look into the heart behind working with brands like yours, why dear brunch, and a few of our brunch favorites.

meet the designer

I’m Hannah Waldrup

I’m a passionate designer, wife, and dog mom with a love for brunch! Currently living my best life in Norfolk, Virginia obsessing over coffee, homemade ranch, and my sweet puppy Lou.


I never expected to become a business owner...


If things had gone the way I had planned I would be sitting in my very own cubicle at a marketing agency probably exhausted and burnt out creatively. 


In 2019 I graduated from college with a degree in graphic design and a few freelancing clients that snowballed into a few more. Little did I know those few clients would be the decision to ditch the cubicle and marketing agency dream and be the start to this amazing journey that is now Dear Brunch Design.


Today you can find me sipping on an iced coffee or vanilla latte and helping my clients craft intentional, strategic, and profitable brands that allows them to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.



One of the best parts of my job is being a small part of a brands journey and cheering on the amazing and talented entrepreneurs and teams behind the brand. Growing a brand is no easy task, it’s a lot of sleepless nights, time spent away from family, and can be a lonely journey. If I can be one of the reasons you remember why you love what you do and get to spend more time with your family at the end of the day then it’s a day well spent in my book.


We Look Forward to

Client Profile Form-01.png


our clients

Building relationships and serving our clients well is our top priority in creating a professional and seamless experience.




Design will always be our main focus. This is our specialty and lucky for us design and trends go hand-in- hand so growth will always be something we strive for.

Image by KOBU Agency



Creating a seamless experience includes client, designer communication. We put it into action and ask you to meet us in the middle to ensure a smooth and timely experience.

Brunch Order

our go to

1. What are you sipping on?

coffee and water

2. Savory or Sweet?

a. Pancakes

b. Omelete: Spinach, mushrooms, ham, and goat cheese

c. Eggs Benedict

d. Chicken & Waffles

3. What's on the Side?

a. Bacon

b. Hashbrowns

c. Fruit

d. Other

4. Toast or Biscuits?


5. The Drink?

a. Mimosa

b. Bloody Mary

c. Red Wine Sangria


You have developed a clear offering and business foundation that's ready to be turned into a brand

You’re ready to make the investment in your brand 

You'll meet over a virtual brunch..or coffee

You're not in the mindset of micromanaging and trust in the knowledge of your designer

Ready to prioritise your project and willing to stick to a timeline


Can't meet deadlines or frequently go MIA

You're not sure what you're looking for and need

someone to give you all the answers

You don't trust our knowledge as your designer and plan to micromanage design decisions

Not ready to invest in project, looking for a "deal," or want to negotiate on price

recent projects

NEW on the Portfolio

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Image by Chiara Pinna
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Private Table


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