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The Power of Your Brand Colors & How They Impact Customer Decisions

When choosing a color palette it's important to consider how you want your audience to feel.

Colors evoke emotions in all of us, and play a major role in dictating our behavior.

They have influence on our moods, the way we think, perceive things, and impact our decision making.

The major role color plays in our everyday lives makes your brand colors a powerful tool to connect with your audience and impact their decisions.


Image by Emily Park

Let's talk about a brand who effectively uses color psychology to influence customer decisions...



McDonald's is one of the best examples of using color to influence customer decisions.

One of the main goals of McDonald's is to produce fast food. In order to achieve this they need customers to make quick decisions about their purchase.

Their color palette of yellow and red evoke energy, urgency, and a strong motivation to take action.

By surrounding their customers with these colors they have been able to effectively influence their customers emotional response that impacts decision making.



3 Ways You Can Use Color Psychology to Influence Your Customer Decisions



Identify how you want your audience to feel.



Research color meanings and color psychology to gain a better understanding of how your audience will perceive your brand



Develop a color palette, not based on what you like, but the color meanings, their emotions, and how they would impact your audience.


Want to dive a bit deeper into your brands color psychology? 

If so, let's chat and talk about how we can connect your audience to your brand on an emotional level.


xo, Hannah

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