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The Color Palette


Have you ever wondered how people create those beautiful color palettes with unique colors that you would've never put together yourself?

Or how they create these color palettes based on styles like boho or beachy themes?

It's truly an art for some and for others it's a mystery. How does one pick out these colors to perfectly represent their brand?

I've had so many clients ask this question and while there's a lot that goes into color palette creation it's not an unattainable art.

Your color palette plays a major role in branding, it evokes an emotion, and sets the tone of how your audience sees your brand. Making this decision one that needs to be made intentionally.

That's why I created The Color Palette Collection

A collection of over 100 color palettes to uplevel your brand. The colors presented in this collection are a mix of color palette options to aid you in building a color palette that you'll love with a style that perfectly matches your brand!

OH, and did I mention it's free? ;)

I hope this helps in creating a color palette that you'll love.

xo, Hannah

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