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How to Make More Money With Your Branding!

It's time to grab your coffee or better yet, your bottomless mimosas and start making money with your brand!

Welcome to our virtual brunch where I give you all of my secrets to successful branding.


Don't forget to download the freebie below to get access to my branding checklist!

Okay, so you're looking to up your branding game and start attracting your dream clients.

For you to begin making money with your brand you HAVE to educate yourself on what branding is, the role it plays in your business, and how to properly utilize it.

What is Branding?

A brand is more than just a’ve heard that before haven’t you?

That's because it’s the truth!

A simple definition of a brand is the reputation, personality, and visual identity of your business.


Your brand is the first impression to the interaction with clients.


It’s the colors, fonts, tone, and language you use in your messaging.

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Why is Branding Important?


Did you know brands that are presented consistently across ALL platforms can increase revenue by more than 20%?

Also, people form an opinion about your business within 10 seconds of coming in contact with your logo!

Branding is not only important but it is crucial in the growth process of your company.

A strong brand has the power to:

  • Create an immediate trust from your audience.

  • Showcase your business as professional and dependable.

  • Attract your dream clients

  • Generate more business


Believe it or not, your ideal client is looking to work with you. Having a brand that draws them in and eases their mind of investing in your products or services is exactly what they are looking for!

Overall, your branding is one of the most important aspects of your company. It has an impression in everything you do within your business, and can make or break your client’s decision to work with you!

Should You Hire a Professional?

Branding is no small task, and it can be an overwhelming one if you’re not sure the steps to take to ensure your finished brand is not only cohesive, but it has a foundation to grow as your company grows.

Anyone can customize a free website template, and create a logo in Canva, and they do; but is this what’s truly best? Ask yourself a few questions, if you were to take on the branding would you be doing your business justice? Are you capable of designing a brand that will not only serve you well for years to come but that will stand out and land your dream clients?

Investing in a professional designer takes the overwhelming pressure off of you to know everything about design, and leaves you with a cohesive strategic brand that will help you grow your business and land your ideal clients, quicker.

Your branding matters, and it can be a make it or break it in the decision process for your clients. The more visually professional you appear to your audience the better impression and credibility you present, which in turn will generate more business.

Money Making Brand Cheatsheet!

Now that you know about branding and how important it is I have a cheatsheet that gives you a checklist of EVERYTHING you need for a successful brand! 

Are you looking to be seen as professional, consistent, and relevant as a business?

Do you want to understand how to incorporate your branding in all things you put out into the world without having to sit on Google all day?

And finally, do you want to work with your dream clients and make more money?

Then this cheatsheet is for you!

Enjoy, Friend!


xo, Hannah

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